DIY Brick Firepit How to Build the Best One in Your Backyard

DIY brick firepit is most possible and cheapest among DIY firepits. In how to build an outdoor fire pit, brick has many benefits. Low cost, easy to stack, uniquely attractive and long lasting are for sure the great pros. Did you know? There are different types of joint of bricks for fire pits. Each has different specs to learn for different purposes. By knowing them, you can build simpler, faster and efficient on budget too.

DIY Brick Firepit Tips

Flush joints – The bricks have cut flush to the outer face. The cut is to create with the trowel. Only the flat face bricks that can neatly to flush.

Rolled joints – In order to have the mortar press in, a round bar is usable for the purpose. In how to do this joint, a short garden hose is applicable by most of bricklayers. However it may cause the mortar a coarse finish look. In order to give smooth finish, just use a steel tool.

Weather joints – The type allows rain water so that to absorb easier.

Struck joints – Using trowel allows you to make this type of joint. Horizontal joints are struck.

Other kinds of joints are heavy banging, V joint and rake joint, parge and ooze joint. You can learn about them more on other sites in order to get more inspiration.

Extra Tips

So that to build backyard fire pits bricks do it yourself, you better know what kind of bricks you are using. You can decide the shape and size as well as with other features. Fireproof bricks for fire pits are quite popular in contemporary trend. Fire pits with stone bricks look very impressive with the color textures. Best of it is cheaper cost to build one.

Where can you get bricks for fire pits for sale? Home Depot is accessible so that to find some interesting selections on sale. Shop online so that get the satisfaction with DIY brick firepit! It should make a very amusing addition to your outdoor home value.