Cupcake Kitchen Decor Application Themes Ideas

Cupcake Kitchen Decor Chair Upholstery

Make your kitchen fun and cute with cupcake theme. Cupcake kitchen decor and also accessories are on sale in collections via online stores. Kohl’s is one of best options to visit. Cupcake is cute and tasty. Kids and also adults are in love with cupcakes. Who does not? We are a happy family with two kids. We were planning on remodeling our kitchen in theme.

I visited our neighbor last two weeks and had a look at the kitchen. They have SHABBY CHIC themed CUPCAKE kitchen theme decorating style. They are a family with one boy and one girl. The theme is great for girls but it seemed that the boy does not mind after all. Not most of the items are in pink and in fact, others like bluish. Whitish and also brownish do also stand out.

I asked them where they got the ideas. Cupcake store, they said. Accessories like canisters, salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars, curtains, rugs, towel, plates, bowls, tablecloth and other items are available in collections. Simple cupcake paintings and also plates take place well on the walls. Thus add colors along with textures.

More Cupcake Kitchen Decor Inspirations

Even the pantry cupboards are in paint colors of blue and white. Thus to compliment the theme. The cabinets are in cream paint color while the backsplash is in construction of mural tiles. Guess what? Yeah, cupcake drawing! Laminate countertops in cream create harmony with the cabinets and backsplash. Simple but quite attractive, though.

Our neighbor has shabby chic or vintage kitchen decor set. We are planning on copying theirs but with some of our personal touches. We are in love with modern contemporary decorating ideas, though. Thinking of keeping our white glossy cabinets and glass countertops.

Buying and placing the cupcake item collections just like our neighbor are on the list. Kohl’s is our destination where to find the decorations and accessories that we need. Its online site provides many fine offerings. The best part is about the prices, they are affordable.