Fireplace Makeover How to DIY with Complementary Decor Ideas

New Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Are you planning on a fireplace makeover? It is a great way to refresh your home with a brand new focal point. The system of your fireplace and also mantel should perfectly create complementary home design. Especially when it comes to brick fireplaces. Starting from traditional to uniquely modern design is a project.

Fireplace Makeover Tips

You can do different design ideas with ugly and old brick fireplaces. Painting is a great idea to create brand new look. This also prevails on stone and also concrete fireplaces.

A wooden mantel – Yes, it is a very amusing way for a makeover. Decorative and functional wooden mantel for brick fireplaces is a popular choice. You can maximize the mantel for not only great looking but also fully functional. Some new color textures are also addition onto the fireplace makeover.

Renewing the fireplace facing is to follow. Try combining old materials with new ones like stone. Popular stones are granite, limestone and marble. Stone veneer is most affordable if you are on a budget. Non combustible facing is always a recommendation. It should be a very good investment. Stone hearth is a great choice to enhance quality of natural design look. You cannot go wrong with it!

A variety of colors from granite can give real admirable of fireplace luxury. If you have the budget for fireplace makeover with granite, then it is your call. Durability is another excellent feature by this natural stone. Its versatility allows quality of decorative and long lasting fireplace. Whether fully granite or combined with other material, design ideas are awesome. Stain resistance makes granite stone less maintenance. Bringing luxury with energy and cost saving for the maintenance is indeed a great idea.

HGTV fireplace makeovers are to learn to get some inspirations. Before and after makeover ideas are surely going to be useful. You can tell by seeing pictures as your guidance in how to do it yourself fireplace renovation ideas.